Measurement and control technology (Changsha) Co. Ltd.
CM-310 is our new microwave instrument designed for measuring liquids and slurry.  With our special Certified algorithm the CM-310 can accurately measure moisture of liquid and slurry under different conditions. 
CM310 has stainless steel 304 case. The sensor uses copper. The microwave transmitting and receiving parts are direct contact with the measured material. the internal cable is PTFA. It can resistance to high temperature of 130 ° C.
The control unit such as LCD and keyboard is at the top of the instrument. With the magnetic pen  the user can set all important parameters and calibrate the instrument.
CM-310 has International Accreditation of Explosion-Proof Electrical Product. CM-310 mainly used to measure the moisture content of liquid organic materials, such as alcohols, aldehydes, ethers, oils (Crude oil, gasoline and diesel oil, lubricating oil, etc. ) and Chemical raw materials.
CM-310 Moisture measurement principle
In the microwave measurement an electromagnetic wave with low energy is generated and via an antenna integrated into the product. This wave spreads out in the product in dependence of the electrical characteristics. A second antenna receives this wave. Energy and phase of the received wave are indicators for the water content. CM-310 has temperature compensation. The resolution, range and reliability are very good.
CM-310 has high sensitivity and resolution relative to the other microwave instruments.
CM—310 Components of system measurement solutions
1,High measurement accuracy, stable performance. Highest resolution is 0.001%(10PPM);
2,Measurement of liquid, slurry medium, the range can be between 0- 0.1% and 0-100% , wide applicability;
3,All parts are waterproof and dustproof (IP68 grade). The shell is stainless steel, it can withstand accidental impact. It is explosion-proof, and can work in harsh environment for a long time;
4,Convenient installation, free maintenance, easy maintenance, unique special software for accurate temperature correction and compensation; built-in graphics calibration data module, and it can be selected through the mouse to achieve calibration, simple operation, easy calibration;
5,The probe can withstand up to 150 degrees of high temperature and pressure up to 4MPa;
6,Output standard analog and digital signals, easy integration.
Application industries: petrochemical, chemical, textile, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, paper, environmental protection and other industries. Such as: Crude oil exploration, mining, development, refining, storage and transportation;
Products: chemical raw materials, special lubricating oil of aerospace, fuel oil; 
juice, syrup, beverage, malt juice, all kinds of wine; 
Various types of additives, oil and material transportation and exchange settlement; 
Oil and water are separation and measurement.