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Application scope:

Tobacco composition analyzer

In tobacco production process, the content of chemical components in tobacco leaves is the standard to determine the taste and quality of cigarettes. In particular, in order to make the quality of cigarettes taste to achieve an average quality. On line measurement of chemical components in tobacco leaves.

Its chemical components include: total sugar, potassium, nicotine, hydrogen, chlorine, alkali, etc..

German MOSYE company developed MS-M-540 series near infrared analyzer designed for tobacco custom.

The four components in tobacco leaves can be measured simultaneously, and dozens of components in tobacco leaves can be measured.

The utility model is especially suitable for the measurement of the chemical composition of tobacco leaves in the cigarette production process.

Advantage characteristics:

1, using a unique algorithm, can simultaneously measure 4-7 chemical components. And the data model of each component parameter is independent of each other. Accuracy up to 0.05%.

2, the color of the material does not affect the measurement of the data, the surrounding environment does not affect the measurement of light components.

3, configure a variety of data output mode, analog output, digital output, etc..

4, no moving parts, no wearing parts, no maintenance.

5, protection level of IP65, and indoor and outdoor without constant temperature and humidity environment reliable operation.

6, flexible installation, can be installed in a variety of ways. For online detection environment.

7, German safety standards, microwave damage to the human body, the original German imports, quality assurance.

Technical parameters:

Accuracy: 0.05%

At the same time can measure four to seven kinds of components, can measure dozens of components

Power requirements: 85 - 270 VAC

Output signal: 4-20mA or 1V5V, RS485 or RS232

Ambient temperature: -20 degrees C to +50 degrees C

Protection level: IP67