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Application scope:

Waste water meter

China's paper industry, recycled paper accounted for more than 90%, while the raw material of recycled paper from waste paper recycling. Therefore, waste paper recycling is the most important part of the cost of China's paper-making enterprises.

In the process of waste paper recycling, the moisture content is one of the most important reference indexes for the recycling of waste paper. Due to large amount of waste paper recycling, paper moisture source complex, uneven, and in the industry of bad water supplier fraud, which gave the paper-making enterprises in the recycling of paper grading, quantitative and pricing process has brought great distress and loss. In the past, the off-line sampling drying method has been unable to meet the management needs of paper-making enterprises due to the disadvantages such as time lag, poor sampling representativeness, easy human interference and high measurement cost.

MOSYE's 590 paper moisture meter is a new type of German penetration moisture meter, which can quickly and quickly measure the total moisture and moisture content of the paper bag.

Microwave moisture analyzer has RS485/RS232,4-20MA and other data output interface.

It is especially suitable for measuring the moisture content in the whole package of paper mill.

590 waste paper bag moisture meter and remote video monitoring and weighing monitoring system composed of waste paper bag measuring real-time monitoring system for grading recycling, fundamentally solve the problem of waste paper recycling process all weighing, moisture, impurities and other related and quantitative grading and pricing.

Advantage characteristics:

1, waste paper bag can be measured in whole package, no need to open the package, complete penetration measurement.

2, can measure the real time moisture and moisture content of the whole paper package. Different from sampling and off-line measurement.

3, the world's only free from the height, density, temperature, color of the water meter.

4, the whole package measurement, not affected by the size of the package, not affected by the tightness of packaging.

5, high reliability: no moving parts and wearing parts, up to 10 years of service life.

6, high precision: the highest accuracy of 0.5%; wide range ratio: moisture measurement range as wide as 0%-100%.

7, built-in calibration curve, after a successful calibration, without the need for regular calibration.

8, easy installation, a variety of communication, video monitoring and weighing system can be used in conjunction with.

Technical parameters:

The moisture measurement range: 0-100%

The accuracy of 0.5-2% according to different working conditions and measurement object

Power requirements: 220VAC.

The output signal: 4-20mA or 1V - 5V, RS485 or RS232

The environment temperature: -20-45 degrees

The protection grade: IP67