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CM-560-1 transmitter and microwave antenna integrated design, simple installation, reducing the moving parts and wearing parts.

Optional self cleaning probe.

The intelligent host with the on - site display and signal transmission function is a die - casting aluminum structure, which integrates the local display, parameter setting and data transmission functions. Protection class IP67.

System: microprocessor with NV

Chassis: aluminum: 200*140*90mm

Protection level: IP67

Power supply: 100-220VAC

Communication interface: RS485/232

Operating environment: -20 degrees Celsius --+85 degrees Celsius

Stock temperature: -30 degrees Celsius --+95 degrees Celsius

Signal output: 4-20MA or 1-5V

Analog signal input: 4-20MA (for PT100 temperature sensor)

Microwave power: 2.45GHz ISM-Band

Maximum power: 0 Bm, 1mW

Sensitivity: -80 dBm, 1nW

Power consumption: 50VA

Radiation standard: EN55011 Teil B

Anti interference: EN50082/1

Microwave antenna

Quantity: two

Rod sensor

Band: 2.45 GHz ISM BAND

Protection: stainless steel material, according to customer requirements for the use of special anti-corrosion materials

Antenna length: standard length: 180MM, customizable length

Adaptive temperature: -30 degrees Celsius ---+180 degrees Celsius
Application: all kinds of chemical industry, crude oil, petroleum, gasoline and diesel oil, lubricating oil, food industry, syrup, vegetable oil, methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc.

Application equipment: tanks, pipes, mixing equipment, can also be installed in the open pool
 Mounting type: fixed flange installation or screw installation

 The integrated design of the transmitter and the microwave antenna, the installation is simple, and the movable parts and the wearing parts are reduced